Rank Player Team Gross Score
T1 Lee Reimer Fairway to Heaven 35
T1 Pierre-Luc Mercier Coulee Dwellers 35
T3 Lee Dunsmore Mother Hackers 36
T3 Spencer Sobie Fairway to Heaven 36
T3 Brett Hawken Coulee Dwellers 36
6 Brandon Harrison Knapp Hooks 37
T7 Jared Holmes Village Idiots 38
T7 Maurice Paquette Sultans of Swing 38
T7 Ryan Smith Village Idiots 38
T7 Colin Radloff Village Idiots 38
T11 Jamie Seymour Coulee Dwellers 39
T11 Rick Armstrong Woodys Golf Trotters 39
T11 Gordon Buehler Fairway to Heaven 39
T11 Peter Donovan Mother Hackers 39
T11 Kale Holteen Coulee Dwellers 39
T11 Ken Wood Woodys Golf Trotters 39
T11 Ken Soloski Knapp Hooks 39
T11 Jamie Jaques Fairway to Heaven 39
T11 Jay Huehn Sultans of Swing 39
T20 Jamie Scott Sultans of Swing 40
T20 Andrew Major Sultans of Swing 40
T22 Scott Witzke Sultans of Swing 41
T22 Terry Dick Woodys Golf Trotters 41
T22 Gary Brooks Sultans of Swing 41
T22 Cam McCallum ALL OVER IT 41
T22 Dexter Hamilton Coulee Dwellers 41
T27 Kevin Marsh Woodys Golf Trotters 42
T27 Lee Sweet Coulee Dwellers 42
T27 Tyler Jones Fairway to Heaven 42
T27 Bryan Miller Woodys Golf Trotters 42
T27 Brent Buckingham Fairway to Heaven 42
T27 Blair Marshall Woodys Golf Trotters 42
T27 Devon Walliser Fairway to Heaven 42
T27 Dave Christie Mother Hackers 42
T35 Jody Seymour Coulee Dwellers 43
T35 Joel Grigg Woodys Golf Trotters 43
T35 Efren Ramos Mother Hackers 43
T35 Logan Brown ALL OVER IT 43
T35 Justin Lawlor ALL OVER IT 43
T35 Thomas Pistore Knapp Hooks 43
T41 Marcel Berube Woodys Golf Trotters 44
T41 Corey Hanna ALL OVER IT 44
T41 Alan Kehoe Fairway to Heaven 44
T41 Gary Bryant Knapp Hooks 44
T45 Ryan Sanderson Sultans of Swing 45
T45 Darcy Spicer Mother Hackers 45
T45 Andrew Fossheim Fairway to Heaven 45
T45 Nathan Pistore Knapp Hooks 45
T45 Serge Cazzola Sultans of Swing 45
T45 Nic Metz ALL OVER IT 45
T51 Norm Hill Coulee Dwellers 46
T51 Hal Firlotte Woodys Golf Trotters 46
T53 Jarret Moisan Mother Hackers 47
T53 Dave Brown ALL OVER IT 47
T53 Ian Clause Coulee Dwellers 47
T53 Pat Quaghebeur Sultans of Swing 47
57 Stephen James Mother Hackers 48
T58 Caleb McGuire Fairway to Heaven 49
T58 Colin Nikiforuk Village Idiots 49
T58 Henry Montpetit Fairway to Heaven 49
61 Art Teppler Knapp Hooks 50
62 Bruce Woolrich Village Idiots 51
T63 Parker Smith Coulee Dwellers 52
T63 Duane Strayer Sultans of Swing 52
T65 Colton Woolrich Village Idiots 53
T65 Gregory Kuziak Sultans of Swing 53
T65 Ross Laurie Knapp Hooks 53
68 Atlee Ronald Mother Hackers 54
69 Tyler Bird Village Idiots 62


Total Players


Average Gross Score


Low Gross Score