Low Net

Rank Player Team Net Score
T1 Tyler Jones Fairway to Heaven 32
T1 Brent Buchingham Tacoma Towners 32
T1 Devon Walliser Fairway to Heaven 32
2 Paul Sinclair Village Idiots 33
T3 Chris Parks Tacoma Towners 34
T3 Rick Armstrong Bjornson Golf Trotters 34
T3 Justin Lawlor ALL OVER IT 34
T3 Rick Bergshoeff Mother Hackers 34
T3 Marvin Lum Village Idiots 34
T4 Colin Radloff Rusty Idiots 35
T4 Gordon Buehler Tacoma Towners 35
T4 Serge Cazzola Sultans of Swing 35
T4 Bryan Miller Bjornson Golf Trotters 35
T4 Gary Bryant Dwayne It 35
T4 Greg Konrad ALL OVER IT 35
T4 Ryan Baum Tacoma Towners 35
T4 Pat Quaghebeur Sultans of Swing 35
T4 Nic Metz ALL OVER IT 35
T4 Darcy Spicer Mother Hackers 35
T4 Henry Montpetit Fairway to Heaven 35
T4 Ryan Sanderson Sultans of Swing 35
T4 Don Teece ALL OVER IT 35
T5 Ken Wood Bjornson Golf Trotters 36
T5 Terry Dick Bjornson Golf Trotters 36
T5 Paul Szczerba Bjornson Golf Trotters 36
T5 Rene Bjornson Bjornson Golf Trotters 36
T5 Corey Hanna ALL OVER IT 36
T5 Atlee Ronald Mother Hackers 36
T5 Adam Mcmillian Tacoma Towners 36
T6 Dana Boothby Dwayne It 37
T6 Brandon Harrison Dwayne It 37
T6 Josh Brading Dwayne It 37
T6 Scott McGregor Mother Hackers 37
T6 Duane Sobie Fairway to Heaven 37
T6 Spencer Sobie Fairway to Heaven 37
T6 Dave Christie Mother Hackers 37
T6 Maurice Paquette Sultans of Swing 37
T6 Chris West Village Idiots 37
T6 George Hart Village Idiots 37
T6 Tyler Hebblethwaite Tacoma Towners 37
T6 Mike Metz ALL OVER IT 37
T6 Shawn Nordin Village Idiots 37
T6 Kelly Baum Tacoma Towners 37
T6 Todd Thue Bjornson Golf Trotters 37
T7 Adam Chernoff Fairway to Heaven 38
T7 Dexter Hamilton Tacoma Towners 38
T7 Pat Snow Dwayne It 38
T7 Jason Johnson ALL OVER IT 38
T7 Desmond Kotyk Bjornson Golf Trotters 38
T7 Art Teppler Village Idiots 38
T7 Greg Hnatuk Fairway to Heaven 38
T7 Stephen James Mother Hackers 38
T7 Joe Spivak Mother Hackers 38
T8 MAtt Semel Dwayne It 39
T8 Mike Mohagen Sultans of Swing 39
T8 Jamie Scott Sultans of Swing 39
T8 Alisdair Dickinson ALL OVER IT 39
T8 Jared Holmes Village Idiots 39
T8 Kent Pickett Fairway to Heaven 39
T9 Kevin Firkus Dwayne It 40
T9 Hal Firlotte Bjornson Golf Trotters 40
T9 Ben Mckiernan Fairway to Heaven 40
T10 Nat Barker Dwayne It 41
T10 Kendall Bocking ALL OVER IT 41
T10 Tyler Teece ALL OVER IT 41
T10 Jim Scott Mother Hackers 41
T10 Michael Korman Village Idiots 41
T10 John Rebagliati Village Idiots 41
T11 Darcy Johnson Dwayne It 42
T11 Stephen Simms Bjornson Golf Trotters 42
T12 Dwayne Dronyk Mother Hackers 43
T12 Kale Holteen Tacoma Towners 43
T13 Alan Kehoe Tacoma Towners 44
T13 Dave Kordikowski Sultans of Swing 44
T13 Jarret Moisan Mother Hackers 44
T14 Mark Kish Fairway to Heaven 45
T14 Lee Sweet Dwayne It 45
T14 Andrew Fossheim Tacoma Towners 45
T14 Efren Ramos Mother Hackers 45


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Low Net Score

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